Building science is relevant to everybody. Here’s why.

Building Science 5 Ways

You may have come across videos or articles where experts explain a particular concept in 5 different ways – for a child, a teenager, a young adult, a mature adult and a retiree.  This makes complex topics relatable to everyone.  So I’ve had a go at explaining why building science matters at 5 different stages of life.  Bear with me ok!

Level 1: Child

Building science is:

  • Making sure that your house protects you from really cold and hot days and lasts a really long time.
  • Getting rid of your Mum’s allergies excuse for buying you a puppy because the air is healthier!


Level 2: Teenager

Building science is:

  • Making sure your mates don’t judge you because your house is mouldy and stinky
  • Much less likely to find spiders underneath the clothes you leave all over the floor because creepy crawlies can’t get through the air tight building envelope


Level 3: Young Adult

Building science:

  • Your future is soon.  This part-time job you are working in.  The money you are saving and scrimping.  This education you are getting.  Your future salary.  After all this hard work, do you want to invest the largest sum of money you will likely ever spend on somewhere mouldy and cold?  Or comfortable and healthy.
  • Aaaaand if your parents have their finger on the pulse too, they’ll be able to afford to keep you at home for longer because their energy-efficient home costs less in power bills.


Level 4: Mature Adult

Building science is: 

  • Less money on power bills = more money for Friday night takeout!
  • Protect your most valuable asset(s), and if you have children, their inheritance, from expensive mould rectification
  • Improved quality of life for allergy sufferers
  • Less cleaning because there’s less dust


Level 5: Retiree

  • No more draughts!!!!
  • Provides you with endless, fascinating dinner table conversation about your insulation, your double glazing, your impressive lack of thermal bridges, your ACH and your HRV system.
  • Your kids and grandkids might come and not want to leave though because your house will be way more comfortable than theirs… so “building science” at your peril…


Bonus level: Subject Matter Expert

Building science is: 

  • Creating accountability amongst those in the industry
  • Raising the bar industry-wide for energy efficiency and building health
  • Providing useful information to policymakers
  • Preventing another NZ “sick building crisis” happening in Australia
  • Reduces strain on the health system due to alleviating illnesses related to bitterly cold winters, scorching hot summers and allergies

In all seriousness, if we don’t pay attention to the interplay between heat, air and moisture, as building performance increases over time we will end up with unhealthy buildings and sick occupants.  So let’s not.  Don’t let that be you.



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