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You have come in at the ground floor, literally!

We are still in the process of setting up our website!

Climasure is a recent creation by the Owner of Enduro Builders, Jackson Digney. Climasure’s aim is to provide the building industry with high quality, internationally sourced, high performance building materials.

Currently there is a gap in the market where, to build truly energy efficient buildings we have to use traditional, expensive materials to achieve the performance standards of our international counterparts.

There is also a growing risk of building more air tight buildings with the wrong products which can lead to mould growth and sick building syndrome. Our aim is to educate and provide solutions to the industry to prevent builders being caught having built a building that harms it occupants.

Climasure will address the growing need to high quality products and advice on building energy efficiently!

Just as soon as we get our website finished!

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