Is Your Builder Going Air Tight?

Is Your Building Going To Build Airtight?

Make Sure They Use The Right Products In Your Walls

(and that they ventilate right!)

Mould Inside the home can be avoided!

One of the biggest issues with building an air tight building is the increased risk of moisture and mould.  This can be easily mitigated (and allow you to keep all the benefits of building an air tight building) by using the right building wraps!


Because one of the most critical aspects of building air tight is making sure that moisture is actively managed and removed from your walls.

Using the wrong type of building wrap (or no wraps at all) can leave you with mould festering in the walls, leading to health problems.

It’s why its worth making sure your builder at least uses a vapour permeable, diffusion open building wrap on the outside of your building.

Wraps like Proclima Extasana achieve all of the needs for vapour diffusion that an air tight wall system needs.  It does all this while ensuring that your walls are protected from the weather and rain during construction, and kept air tight from the outside for the life of the building.

All while retaining vapour permeability.

We provide full training and support to your builder right through the build, so why not make sure your home gets the building wraps it needs?

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