What’s all the fuss about air tightness then?

  • “But we like it outside”
  • “I like to hear the birds”
  • “I don’t want to suffocate in my house”
  • “The idea of air tightness makes me feel claustrophobic”

These are common comments I hear when I talk to friends and family about my line of work.  There is a huge information gap between those of us who work in this space every day and our friends and family, and I have been doing my best to break that information barrier down for a few years now.  Making this information accessible and easily understood is the only way to change the demand for, and supply of, energy efficient, healthy and durable homes.

First let me assure you that an airtight house will not suffocate you, in fact the opposite.  Air tight houses require mechanical ventilation which supplies a constant flow of fresh air directly into your living space.  Clean, fresh , filtered air.  Also – the windows in an air tight house aren’t glued shut.  Open them up if you want a natural breeze or to hear the birds!!  Achieving an air tight building envelope means that you are separating the indoors from the outdoors and taking control of the indoor climate.  It’s a good thing.  Please don’t be afraid of it!

The immediate benefits of air tightness are:

  1. Better energy efficiency and thermal comfort
  2. Prevents moisture getting into the wall structure
  3. When coupled with the correct wall construction, drying time is optimised reducing mould risk
  4. Reduces allergens and dust coming into the house
  5. Reduces, or eliminates the ability for spiders, mice and other unwanted guests to enter the house
  6. Enables the ability to use mechanical ventilation effectively ensuring constant fresh air.
  7. Most importantly, air tightness (coupled with correct wall design) enables a certain peace of mind that your house has been constructed properly from the start and you will not have erosion or mould due to moisture diffusion or insufficient drying capability.

Air tightness is the underpinning element of an energy efficient, healthy and durable home.  DM “AIR TIGHTNESS” if you want to know how to go about this in your business or project.

Pro Clima membranes will help you to create an air tight, healthy and building envelope.  Visit our website to download our takeoffs guide so you can calculate how much product you need on your next project and then drop me a line to make your order!  0409 404 924.  Talk soon!


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