Custom Galv Perforated Cavity Closer


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Perforated galvinised cavity closer.  Attaches to the frame at its base and allows moisture to leave the cavity, keeps your cavity ventilated and prevents vermin and debris from entering the cavity.  Has uniformly distributed perforations with a maximum aperture of 2 mm and a perforated area no greater than 20%.

Length: 2.7mm

Width: 19mm, 35mm

APPLICATION – ventilated cavity battening 

Horizontal cladding with 1 x 19mm vertical batten =  19mm cavity closer

Horizontal cladding with 1 x 35mm vertical batten =  35mm cavity closer

Vertical cladding with 1 x 19mm vertical batten AND 1 x 35mm horizontal batten =  19mm cavity closer + 35mm cavity closer

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions N/A

19mm cavity closer, 35mm cavity closer


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