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As a builder or architect you want to know how a product is going to work, and demonstrate to your clients or stakeholders that it will. 

It’s why we offer you support during the design process.  This gives you some backup on the drawings and details available from our resources page and can include;


  • Passive House Construction Advice
  • Pre and During Construction blower door testing and thermal imaging (allowing you to find and rectify faults in the thermal envelope of your buildings before you are to far progressed) We recommend using SUHO for your end of build testing, contact us to find out why
  • Wall, Roof and Floor Assembly assessment for Mould Risk and Vapour Permeability
  • Design and Costing Analysis to assist with finding better value for money options


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Want to know if you will have a condensation problem?

The answer is often more like, you need to know if it will be a problem!

Luckily there is a way that we can analyse and provide feedback on different construction types to help you ensure you are designing and building a healthy building.

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Sometimes it can be a bit of mindfield to work out how to use the wealth of energy efficient products out there.

Some of them do go together well, others do not.

It’s why we offer a one hour, onsite consultation to help you and your team wrap your head around things like;

  • The correct place to use particular products
  • How to build to eliminate thermal bridges
  • What does that detail look like on paper?
  • Construction Order (which is often more critical when building for energy efficiency)

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